Threemile Canyon Farms

About Threemile Canyon Farms

It all started with a farm.

Twenty years ago, we started farming Threemile Canyon Farms with the intent to make it a special place that demonstrates our respect for our people, community, and natural resources. We’re proud to be the 2020 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards recipient for Outstanding Dairy Sustainability. Thank you. We will continue to work hard to safely and sustainably produce food for future generations.

Since we took ownership of Threemile Canyon Farms in 1999, we’ve challenged ourselves to question long-standing agricultural practices. “Business as usual” really has no meaning at Threemile, because we know that as the population grows and the world changes, we must continuously adopt new and better technologies and operational practices to remain relevant and successful.

A safe and rewarding work environment means a happy, satisfied workforce that shares ownership in our philosophy and pride in carrying it forward every day, both at work and in our local communities.

Jobs at Threemile Canyon Farms

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